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15 custom shadow work prompts

Bye bye limiting beliefs!

Ready to manifest your wildest dreams?


Our goal is your success!

Shadow work is the process of clearing the subconscious beliefs that hold you back. Unfortunately, not every shadow work prompt works for every problem. However, Max Mind professionals are here to create the journal prompts guaranteed to discover, heal, and reprogram your old beliefs! 


Is just around the corner

Get ready to wipe your slate clean, ready for your inevitable success!

How does it work?

Think of a your mind as a paint palette. Green symbolises your dream life. Orange symbolises your current life. Brown symbolises being stuck between your current life and the life that you desire. 

When creating your dream life, it all starts from your mind and your thoughts. It is also about wiping your old life away, in order to start a new one. At the moment, your palette is orange, but you want it to be green. What happens if you add green paint to your palette? 

It would turn brown.

It is important to completely clean your palette and get rid of every bit of orange paint, so that you have room for green, and that it won't turn brown

But how do I wipe my palette clean? You use shadow work! Shadow work is the process of clearing your subconscious 'shadows', meaning the negative beliefs and thoughts which are holding you back; a lot of the time you don't even realise you have them!

We will write you the 15 BEST shadow work prompts (it's like using the best paint remover on the market!), so that you can create that beautiful green dream life of yours!

How much would you pay for your dream life?? Luckily for you...

This self-investment is valued at $1800, but available to you for only $229.

*Low price available for a limited time only

The Life of Your Greens Starts Now

You will be contacted within 12 hours, due to Max Mind's international presence.

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