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Relationships COACHING

Do you ever feel struggles with those around you? Or are all of the relationships in your life perfect and easy to maintain? Although this is considered a 'normal' thing, at Max Mind, we don't believe it has to be.


You are guaranteed to build the most amazing relationships, using our "psychological approach" relationships manual, as well as a specialist self-development coach. With anytime coach contact access, and a personalised plan, we guarantee that you will understand how to create and keep amazing relationships with those around you.


Max Mind's coaching course is a personalised self-investment for those who dream of understanding, building and keeping incredible relationships but aren't. Our coaches will teach factors of healthy relationships, as well as how you can apply it to your personal life and existing situation.

The course is designed to allow clients to personalise it to their individual goals, using our relationships booklet. They will be paired with a specialist coach which will either (to the clients request): 

- Study relationships booklet

- Advice on personal situation

- Mix

Steps to relationships coaching:

1. Purchase relationships coaching

2. State reason of enrolment

3. Pair with a coach

4. Receive relationships booklet 

5. Choose development strategy

6. Proceed to development with coach

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

Lyda Chen, Victoria

"I have max mind to thank for saving my family. after a close divorce i felt that i couldn't go on, thanks to julie, my marriage is better than ever."

Ryan Dalton, Queensland

"My best mate and i had a massive falling out, osmond taught me how to be a better friend and repair the friendship, i couldn't be happier having my mate back in my life."

Bertha Douglas, Bristol

"I was devastated with the relationship i shared with my eldest daughter. max mind educated me on how to repair it, as well as letting my feelings out to my coach."

RELATIONSHIPS booklet contents

  • Self-relationship

  • Self-assessment

  • Authentic communication

  • Honesty

  • Trust

  • Un-selfishness

  • Feeling heard

  • Listening

  • Mutual feelings

  • Respect

  • Affection

  • Disagreements

  • Apologise

  • Boundaries

  • Reliability

  • Support

  • Time

  • Learning about each other

  • Acceptance

  • The 5 love languages

  • Identifying your love language and showing it

  • Loyalty

  • Encouragement

  • Asking for feedback

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