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manifestation COACHING

Did you know that it is possible to create the life of your dreams though thought and feeling alone? Your mind is capable of so much, and luckily for you, the team at Max Mind know everything about manifestation and how to completely transform your life.


Create your dream life, using our "psychological approach" manifestation manual, as well as a specialist self-development coach. With anytime coach contact access, and a personalised plan, we guarantee that you will become the most improved version of yourself, and will be able to bring whatever you desire into your life.

ABOUT 1:1 manifestation COACHING

Max Mind's coaching course is a creative and intuitive personalised self-investment for those who dream of being able to do anything, but cannot bring themselves to. 

The course is designed to allow clients to personalise it to their individual goals, using our manifestation booklet. They will be paired with a specialist coach which will either (to the clients liking): 

- Study manifestation booklet

- Advice on personal situation

- Mix

Steps to manifestation coaching:

1. Purchase manifestation coaching

2. State reason of enrolment

3. Pair with a coach

4. Receive manifestation booklet 

5. Choose development strategy

6. Proceed to development with coach

Best Value

1:1 Manifestation Coaching



Every 2 weeks

Valued at $6350

Valid until canceled

Intuitive and Creative, Rewire your Mind

1:1 Coaching with Expert Manifestation Coach

FREE Lifetime Access to Manifestation E-Book Valued $5000

Personalised Manifestation Plan Valued $350

Constant Coach Contact

Top Priority Client

Personal Choice of Start Date

Cancel Anytime

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Confidentiality Guarantee

Gordon James, Sheffield

"when first hearing about this manifestation course, i immediately doubted results. my daughter took part in the course and within months had a brand new bmw, had gotten a great job, as well as a new boyfriend, which for she credited max mind. i then decided to take part in the course also, and have since attracted incredible things into my life."

Judi Burke, Arizona

"in 6 months i got a house, a car, a great job and a europe vacation. it is no coincidence. in a year, you wish you had done it."

Jessica Day, Victoria

"I have always trusted manifestation, but never realised how lacking of knowledge i was until erica introduced me. max mind teaches it incredibly and i have learnt more than i ever could have with any other course."

manifestation booklet contents

  • Positive mental attitude

  • Universal laws

  • Check and change your energy

  • Energy field

  • Energy centres

  • How to achieve chakra healing

  • Your past is your present

  • Subconscious mind

  • Your subconscious is always listening

  • Quantum field

  • Dream

  • Don’t share dreams with others

  • Shadow work

  • Techniques

  • Written affirmations

  • Audio affirmations

  • Scripting

  • Max Mind Journaling

  • Visualisation

  • Vision board

  • Subliminal

  • Mirror work

  • Meditation

  • 369 method

  • Someone is talking

  • Future self Q&A/Letter

  • Acting as if

  • 2 cup method

  • Persistence

  • The feeling of

  • Pedestal

  • Detachment

  • Energetics

  • Unexpected manifestation

  • Mindset over methods

  • Mary Kate’s butterfly visualisation

  • Reticular activating system

  • Gratitude + gratitude journal

  • Taking action

  • Blockages and limiting beliefs

  • Dr Joe Dispenza

  • Napoleon Hill

  • Neville Goddard

  • Bob Proctor

  • Religion + manifestation

  • Success stories

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