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Do you feel like you've always been destined for more than you've currently achieved? Do you need assistance with goal creation, and actually surpassing them easier than ever? Do you have a vision, and just need someone to help you reach it?

Max Mind is guaranteed to help you become the most successful person you can be, using our "psychological approach" success manual, as well as a specialist self-development coach. With anytime coach contact access, and a personalised plan, we guarantee that you will become the most improved version of yourself, and will achieve anything.


Max Mind's coaching course is a personalised self-investment for those who dream of being able to do anything. It is perfect for athletes, students and those seeking long-term habit change, developed around logic and actionable steps. 

The course is designed to allow clients to personalise it to their individual goals, using our success booklet. They will be paired with a specialist coach which will either (to the clients liking): 

- Study success booklet

- Advice on personal situation

- Mix

Steps to success coaching:

1. Purchase success coaching

2. State reason of enrolment

3. Pair with a coach

4. Receive success booklet 

5. Choose development strategy

6. Proceed to development with coach

Best Value

1:1 Success Coaching



Every 2 weeks

Valued at $5750

Valid until canceled

For the Hard-Working and Logical, Seeking Long Term Habits

1:1 Coaching with Expert Success Coach

FREE Lifetime Access to Success E-Book Valued $4600

Personalised Success Plan Valued $300

Constant Email Support

Top Priority Client

Personal Choice of Start Date

Cancel Anytime

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Confidentiality Guarantee

Ali Kavan, New South Wales

"my classmates were getting really good grades and i was constantly falling behind. i decided to invest in myself using max mind, and am now top of my class and scored an atar of 99.25."

Liv Parker, Denver

"Stan taught me how to reach promotion after promotion. i have never been so proud of myself and my achievements. i went from earning $60k to over $120k in 2 years."

Kelsey Gorbold, California

"i was A MOTHER OF 2 with a husband working overseas. After purchasing success coaching, i am now studying to become a nurse in the country my husband is in, my family is finally together."

SUCCESS booklet contents

  • Introduction

  • Positive Mental Attitude

  • The Universal Laws

  • Self-Investment

  • Your Subconscious is Always Listening

  • Gratitude

  • Taking Advantage of What you Have

  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Turning Yourself Into the Person You Want to Be

  • Can’t be Proud of Your Gifts, but You can be Proud of Your Choices

  • What Makes a Successful Person?

  • Your Top 5

  • Formula to Success

  • Habit Replacement

  • Knowledge

  • Networking

  • Balance

  • Manifestation

  • Reviewing Your Past

  • Vision

  • Motivation

  • Goals

  • Goal checklist

  • Action

  • Persistence

  • Persistent Consistency

  • Discipline

  • 3, 2, 1 Method

  • Confidence and Shadow Work

  • Organisation

  • Routine

  • Grit

  • Emotional Resilience

  • ‘Punishment’ System

  • Unstoppable, Fearless, and Limitless

  • Regrets

  • Not Giving Up

  • Writing and Reading

  • Leader/Idol

  • Humble

  • Objections

  • The Next Steps

Happy Soccer Players


For Individual Purchase

Not convinced? Purchase the Success eBook individually for unassisted study and goal setting.

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