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10 custom made scenarios for identity shifting 

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Identity shifting is a practice of completely designing the person you want to become, down to every last detail; then, making the shift to become them. It is often used in self-development and improving oneself.

It's time to


These custom made scenarios are for those who have already envisioned the person they are aiming to become, and just need help with the shifting. 

How does it work?

You will answer a set of questions about your shift, and an expert personal coach will create 10 custom scenarios to allow you to ease into the shift and embody the person you want to be. 

A brief example of a previously made scenario for someone shifting from someone who struggles with stress related to business and finance:

After months of hard work on a promising business venture, a sudden economic downturn hits the market, severely impacting your entrepreneurial efforts. The business faces unexpected challenges, resulting in financial losses and the need to reevaluate the entire strategy. You are faced with the possibility of failure and are under immense stress.

How do you respond? What do you do?

Your shift examples will be in-depth and in the form of a conversation, targeting certain emotions. You will answer as a 'new person', as this will break your neurological bonds connected to negative thinking, eventually forming new bonds and shifting your identity. 

This self-investment is valued at $800, but available to you for only $329.

*Low price available for a limited time only

Your Shift Starts Now

You will be contacted within 12 hours, due to Max Mind's international presence.

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