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The Mission

Passionate About Empowering the World

The Max Mind Mission is a structured and ambitious plan to turn the world around, one mind at a time; with high level, private coaching. If the destiny of our collective future is made up of our current behaviours, how do we change them for the better? What determines our behaviours? Our minds.

But what else will changing our minds determine, other than a collaborative, and more successful world? Your own success. Your own happiness. Your own dream life. 

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How much would you do to forever live your dream life? What if this also positively impacted those around you? What if changing yourself meant changing every future generation of your bloodline? What if changing yourself meant changing the world?

However, this wasn't always the Max Mind mission... upon establishment, it had been thought that changing and helping the lives of the powerful would be enough to change everyone. Max Mind started off extremely exclusive with a client list of only celebrities, athletes, and business teams. As our team grew, the decision was made that our client diversity should too. We now coach globally online. 

Our mission is filling your life with power, authenticity, and success. Therefore, upon your registration, and joining the Max Mind family, our personal standards become yours...



And your values, immediately become ours.

No email, no bullshit, share your values

Your dreams matter to us!

Our Coaches and Their Specialties

Osmond Ellington - success​

Randell Walter - success, manifestation

Darcy Weekes - success

Erica Botterill - manifestation

Stan Haggard - success

Jada Wilson - success, manifestation

Julie Bass - success

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